About Us

ElectroCAD Services commenced business in 1991 to provide
specialised drawing services to the Electrical Industry,
at that time we were mainly engaged in converting old hand
drawn Electrical schematics and wiring diagrams drawn on
large A0 or A1 sheets into A3 and A4 sized drawings enclosed in
job specific folders. These conversions were carried out using
AutoCADİ software and IBMİ compatible PC's

Whilst we still carry out the foregoing type of work
we also now undertake design of Motor Control Centres
and Process Control Panels in the Electrical field and also are
involved with some Mechanical and Architectural Draughting.
We can usually also help with 3D Modelling, Autolispİ and CAD conversions 

Why not give us a call if you are looking for any type of C.A.D. draughting services, we may well be able to help.

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